thatmutepony said: So, just a general question while you're on your quest to find a more suitable thing then the sheet you draped over yourself. Since we can't actually SEE your ghostly form, do you float slightly above the surface? Or are your hooves firmly planted on the ground?

I prefer to float so I don’t step on any plants…

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No no no, I can’t drag someone along with me to the forest.. I’ll go alone. 

I’ll see you guys… if I get back.

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jittermane said: if you scared why not take someone with you :V

That would be great. But, I don’t know who…

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thatmutepony said: Well, other then an abandoned amusement park, you could try to find out where they hide the floats for parades and keep other amusement park type... Things... But taking an actual carousel horse from a carousel that would be used later and is owned by someone would be stealing. Not like they'd convict you, but I have a feeling that's against your morals, yea?

Yeah… I guess I need to find an abandoned one.. But not that has been abandoned too long! The carousel horses might be dirty and stuff and I can’t revamp them… 

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jittermane said: no? why are you scared to go into the everfree forest your a ghost nothing should be able to hurt you in there

But.. it’s scaaaary!

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thatmutepony said: Oooh, Would you be able to move the legs? Those things are pretty rigid... Hmmm, It's not close enough to Nightmare Night for there to be festivities of that sort yet... Any fair should have some sort of carousel... Or, maybe you can find an abandoned amusement park? You'd probably have to search Everfree to find that, though.

…Wait.. Did you say Everfree forest?

Ooooooh, no no no no…

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thatmutepony answered your post: Are there carousels with ponies?

Yes, I believe, ponies were/are the classic Carousel creature of choice, typically.

I could posess one of those! But I need to find a carousel…

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Are there carousels with ponies?

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I found a mannequin, now I just need to paint it… Where do I get paint, or a paintbrush? And I’m no artist, I don’t know if it will look good..


Carousels are a thing, right?

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partway-mist said: If we dress up a mannequin to look like a living pony, and you possess it, could you move around? Would you then be able to fit in with other ponies?

That’s a real nice idea… I haven’t thought about that myself. We can try!

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